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David E. Porter.JPG

David E. Porter  60

2/1/1955 - 8/4/2015

Dave was 60 years old and he loved his motorcycle and loved being a HOG family member.

He was a regular rider with Skip and Bette, Fran and Karen, Bob and Judi and Jackie and Dennis.

Paul Withrow.JPG

Paul Withrow

10/19/1943 - 10/26/2015

Paul has been a member of our Chapter since 1998 and he was a Life Member of H.O.G. National.

Formerly of Natick Massachusetts, Paul is a US Navy Seabees Veteran and moved to Enfield New Hampshire in 1979.

Paul enjoyed riding his Harleys with his wife Kim

Sebestian LoVasco.JPG

Sabestian LoVasco 59

2/13/1957 - 6/14/2016

Sab was an active member of the Chapter.  Joining in 2003, he was a Road Captain, past Treasurer and a friend to all members.

Sab enjoyed riding his black Softail and enjoyed volunteering his time as a Road Captain on many charity rides.  Also sharing his tricks of the trade to many of our current Road Captains.

Jack Hayes.JPG

Jack Hayes  76

10/16/1940 - 7/14/2016

Jack was raised in Hanover, Massachusetts.  Jack enjoyed his Harley Davidsons, his old cars and collecting memorabilia.

He was a Chapter member since 2009.

Jeff Washburn.JPG

Jeff Washburn  72

5/30/1944 - 8/29/2016

Jeff was a true Harley Rider.  Riding his bike thousands of miles before many of us even took our bikes out of winter storage.

A Chapter member since 2009, Jeff was very active in the Chapter.  Attending most Chapter meetings and rides, he was a Road Captain and was instrumental in creating the Chapter's election procedures.

Judi Dunlop.JPG

Judi Dunlop . 73

8/3/1945 - 11/22/2018

Judi was a true Harley Davidson devotee along with Bob, the love of her life for 52 years, they were members of our Chapter since 1997.

Judi was a staple of the Chapter and even worked for the dealership for many years. Serving in many capacities for the Chapter, Judi shared her love of riding and friendship with so many that were fortunate to know and love her.  We are forever grateful for the contributions to our Chapter and declare that she will be greatly missed.

John P. Lashnits.JPG

John P. Lashnits  72

1/15/1946 - 12/6/2018

A Chapter member since 2016, John rode primarily with a group of 3 because his work prevented him from taking part in most of our Chapter rides.  He enjoyed flying, metalworking, woodworking, photography and riding his motorcycle.

Thomas M. Jones.JPG

Thomas M. Jones   74

12/9/1944 - 8/1/2019

Tom was a Road Captain and Chapter member since 2014.  Tom was well known for riding to Chapter meetings even in the winter.  As long as there was no ice, he rode.  You could always look forward to a smile and help if needed from Tom. He loved to ride and knew all the great breakfast places to eat.

Joseph M. Boucher.JPG

Joseph M. Boucher    88
5/21/1931 - 8/9/2019

Joe was our Greeter, our Historian, the opener of our meetings starting the day with a joke or two.  Joe served our Country in various military capacities.  Joe loved his family.  Joe rode, surprising some as he kept up with those on two wheels on his trike.  Joe was ......and he will be deeply missed by all.

Richard Bassett Jr..JPG

Richard Bassett Jr.   60

9/9/1958 - 9/8/2019

Rick was the Big Kahuna for many new members joining the Winni H.O.G.® 2529 Chapter and always had the interests of the members at heart. He was a 16-year member serving in nearly every capacity. His term as Director from 2008 through 2014 was one of the longest in this important position. As Road Captain his favorite ride was to Songo Locks in Maine. Following his term as Director, he became the H.O.G.® Manager while employed at Laconia Harley-Davidson. It was Rick’s passion for riding and the H.O.G.® that encouraged many future members to join.

Carl Harris Jr..JPG

Carl "CJ" Harris Jr.    27

1/7/1993 - 3/29/2020

Our Warrior "CJ", son of Barbara and Carl Harris Sr., passed away from complications with his Bone Marrow Transplant last May.

He was a chapter member since 2009 and loved riding his 883 when he could.  He assisted with the epic Nova Scotia Chapter Ride of 2018.  He worked at Laconia Harley-Davidson in merchandise for a time and was one of the Chapter Historians.  He was also a co-founder of the much loved Heather's Ride that was responsible for raising over $140,000.00 for his sister's Patient Support Fund at Boston Children's Hospital.  Despite his medical struggles he could be counted on for a smile and a kind word to all he encountered.

Chico Gempka2.JPG

Charles "Chico" Gempka    72

7/9/1949 - 3/22/2022

Chico was a member of Winni HOG beginning 1990 and served as a Chapter Historian.  

Chico always had a smile and enjoyed the company of friends whom he thought of as family.  Raised  in Dedham, MA he enlisted in the US Navy in 1967 and was a proud Veteran.  After moving to NH he was employed by Esty machine in 1978 and retired from the Freudenberg NOK Tool and Die shop.  He was always working with his hands, as a machinist by day, woodworker by night and forever the handyman.

Chico enjoyed his Harley-Davidson, shined near perfection and with a unique ‘mod’ or two that displayed his ability as a machinist and personality as a character whose presence was always enjoyed by the Chapter.  When not riding his Harley, he might be found behind the wheel of his Mazda Miata.

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