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The History of the Winnipesaukee Meredith NH Chapter 

presented by Joe Boucher at the April 2015 Meeting


The original Chapter Number was 2800 and is now 2529.

The Historian Committee is composed of:  Bette Fields, Chico Gempa, CJ Harris and Joe Boucher.

Although we have not officially met as a full committee, I will give a brief overview of some of the Chapter History since I became a member in 1999.

Most of what I am reporting today is from memory.

The four oldest members of our chapter are: Chico Gempa who joined around 1990, Mike Egler and George Tessier who joined around 1995 and myself who joined in 1999. Other long-standing members are: Rick and Janet Bassett, Skip and Bette Fields, Kevin and Vicky Lang, Tom and Dori Janelle, Paul and Kimberly Withrow, Bob and Judi Dunlap.

For those of you who may not know, the original owners of the Harley dealership were Herb and Linda Johnson and their children: Daughter Krissy and Son Chip.

Originally they purchased a motorcycle and snow machine store in Bristol, NH and then moved the business to Railroad Street in Meredith in the early 1990s, where they sold Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Polaris Snow machines.

When I joined the Chapter in 1999, our meetings were held in the Meredith Fire Department Meeting room on the 2nd floor. In the summer they would move the Fire Trucks out of the bays and we would hold our meetings in the open bays. The firemen helped us set up the chairs and provided coffee and doughnuts.

In the mid-1990s the Chapter Director was Dwight Lyon. In the years 1997-1999 Linda Kelly was our Director. The assistant Director was Dave Burns.  Around 2001 Kevin Lang became our Director. The Assistant Director was Bill Hyer. Around 2006 Rick Bassett became our Director. The Assistant director was Bob Gaudette followed by Tony Cardoza. In December 2014 Carl Harris became our Director and Tony Cardoza remained as our Assistant Director.

I don’t remember when the current dealership building was built, but I believe it was around 2003.

In 1999 the Chapter membership was approximately what it is today, around the 200-member mark.


In 1999 the Membership Chair Person was Dianne Murray followed by Jerry Haygood, Butch Morrill and now Fran Maineri.


In 1999 the Secretary was Susan Pierce followed by Janet Bassett, Kathleen Hebert, Vicky Lang, Kathy Azotea and now Barb Harris.


In 1999 our Treasurer was Pam Burns followed by Ruth Hammen, Rick and Janet Bassett, Skip Fields, Sebastian Lovasco and again Skip Fields.


In 1999 our Safety Officer was Wayne Pierce followed by Patty Fazio, Thomas Hebert, Kevin Lang, Dave McMullen, Lenny Hall, Tony Cardoza and now Jason Page.


In 1999 our Activities Chairman was Bill Reed followed by Tom and Dori Janelle, Judi Dunlap and now we have Dave Broughton, Maarten Denhartog and Stu Weiner.


In 1999 our Merchandise Chairperson was Kathy Bergeron followed by Roy Farr, Vicky Lang, Sue Gaudette, Terri Bertano and now Judi Dunlap and Deb Peaslee.


In 1999 our Advertising Chairperson and Media Coordinator was Mary Day followed by Carol Robbins. That position has since been dropped.


In 1999 our Chapter Photographer was Alex Jeremy followed by Marty Barrett and now is Terri Bertano.


In 1999 the Chapter Historian was Dottie Perkins followed by Patty Corliss, Rod Smith and now our current Committee, as mentioned earlier, is Bette Fields, Chico Gempa, CJ Harris and Joe Boucher.


In 1999 the Chapter Editor was Dave Haskell followed by Nancy Morton, Donna Elliot, Sabina Prescott, Sue Gaudette, Bette Fields and now TJ LaBonte.

In 1999, the Ladies of Harley Chairperson was Pam Burns followed by Debbie Lyford Barb Harris, Michelle Hanright and now Hallie Pomeroy.


To my knowledge we have had four webmasters. They were: Brian Gourillot, Steve Hurst, Carl Harris and now TJ LaBonte.

In the late 1990s the Official Greeter was Chico Gempa. In 1999 the Official Greeter was John Day. I have been the Official Greeter since 2001.

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